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The Making Choices Daisy leaf is part of the "Financial Literacy" badge set.

Activity #1: Find out the difference between needs and wants Edit

Adults work and earn money for their families’ needs. We all need certain things to live, like food, clothes and a home. Other things we want, like ice cream, toys and TV. Discuss wants versus needs, and then use the picture collage on the back of this sheet to play a fun game.

Activity #2: Set a Goal to save for What You Want Edit

To get something you want or need, you need money. What do you do when you want something but don’t have enough money for it? Where do you get money? It’s time to look at the cost of items and think about how long it will take to save enough. This is called setting a goal.

Activity #3: Help Others with What They Need and Want Edit

Talk about how some people don’t have basic things they need, and others have more than enough. One way we can help others is to donate money or items to a charity. A charity is a group or business that helps people in need.