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The Meet My Customers Try-it is part of the “Cookie Business” badge set introduced in 2011.


When I’ve earned this badge, I’ll know how to find customers and I’ll be comfortable selling to them.

Step 1: Find out where your customers are Edit

Talk to your family or Brownie friends about who might want to buy Girl Scout Cookies.  Neighbors? People at your place of worship? People who live in a retirement community?  Students at a nearby college?  Your family’s co-workers?  Make a list of people to whom you want to talk about buying cookies.

Step 2: Talk to some customers Edit

With your family or Brownie friends, practice telling customers about the cookies you’re selling.  You might want to talk about the different kinds of cookies and how much they cost. You might want to tell them which cookie is your favorite and why.  You, also, could talk about what you plan to do with your cookie money – explain how it will help you and your Brownie friends have fun and do great things. Think about how you would talk about cookies to different kinds of people, like a teacher, a family friend, or someone your age.

Step 3: Practice handling money and making change Edit

In your group or with your family, practice making change.  Pretend a customer has handed you a $5 and asked for one box.  Then pretend a customer gives you $10 for two boxes and $20 for four boxes.

Step 4: Role-play good customer relations Edit

With your friends or family, role-play what to do when:

  • A customer asks for advice about which cookies to buy
  • A customer tells you that she used to sell cookies as a Girl Scout
  • A customer buys cookies, then says she wants to come back later to buy more

Step 5: Thank your customers! Edit

Every Girl Scout cookie customer is helping you and other girls have a great time in Girl Scouts! Remember to say thanks—your customers will feel important when they know that you value their business.

Here are two ways you can thank your customers (you only need to do one to complete this step): 

• Add a line to the “My Cookie Learnings” section of your site, thanking customers for helping you learn so much!  • Print copies of this thank-you card template, decorate it any way you like, and write a short message inside. Hand the cards out at your cookie booth with every purchase or give them to customers when you make deliveries.

Once you’ve thanked your Girl Scout cookie customers, you’ve completed this step. Click the box to show you’re done!

Hurray! You’ve earned the Meet My Customers badge! Keep up the good work! 

Be sure to tell your troop leader so you can get your badge!

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